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Class: Mage

Attack Skills

File:Http:// Wind Strike - Lv.5 Single target attack spell with knockback effect.

Fireball - Lv.5 Single target spell.

Ice Arrow - Lv.5 Single target spell that may lower movement speed.

Auxiliary Skills

Heal - Lv.5 Restores the HP of your target.

Bless Heart - Lv.1 Increases the HP regeneration of the target.

Tearjerker - Lv.10 Put target to sleep, became AoE at higher level.

Wisdom - Lv.2 Increases all party members wisdom.

Self-buffs & Passives

Enhanced MP - Lv.1 Increases your max MP and later increases your MP regeneration.

Risk Free - Lv.15 Dashes forward 15m, higher level decrease cooldown and give bonus to move speed for a brief.

Blessing of Quickness - Lv.2 When your current MP 70% or more, increase your cast speed by x% and movespeed by 10%.

Positional Awareness - Lv.15 Will learn the fundementals of magical attacks.

Mental Position - Lv.15 Throught concentration healing is increased (HP and MP recovered by x%)